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Meet the Team

Getting Down to Earth
Working Together for the Greater Good
Retired High School Teacher
Bringing Stories to Life Through Art
My Life is Poetry
While pruning always ask yourself why am I about to cut this branch off?
Greener Way Associate
Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.
We live in a world at the brink of a transformation
Greener Way Associate
Landscape Designer
Lets change the world one garden at a time
Artist, musician, photographer with experience in radio, literature, video, and movies.
I love the outdoors and anything to do with nature
Girl Scout Leader and Educational Advocate
Education is something that no one can take from you

Rashelle Zelaznik

Greener Way Associate

John Martin Conroy

Greener Way Associate
Nothing beats the satisfaction of eating a homegrown tomato!
Regenerative Landscaping
Building community in the garden!
Partnering with nature to create regenerative landscapes
Greener Way Associate