Greener Way Associates

Diego Wuethrich


Nothing beats the satisfaction of eating a homegrown tomato!

Diego Wuethrich is a sustainability-minded gardener who lives in a solar-powered home in West Los Angeles. For over a decade, he has been driving an EV and has electrified his home to better utilize the power he harvests from the sun. Diego is actively collecting rainwater for his vegetable garden, all in an effort to live a more self-sustained lifestyle without sacrificing modern comforts.

Diego’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond his home garden. He started his own in-home hydroponic system and converted an old aquarium into an aquaponics seedling starter. His favorite crops to grow are tomatoes, chilies and loofahs, and he is always experimenting with new ways to grow his own food.

When Diego is not volunteering for non-profit organizations or tending to his garden, he develops and maintains websites. Visit his portfolio at to see some of his work.