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Earn as You Learn!

Join the Green-collar Job Sector

Starting@ $20/hour

Did you know that gardeners in LA County can easily earn $48,000 to $88,000+ a year?

There is a growing demand for good-paying green-collar jobs. Greener Way Associates (GWA) prepares and helps place you in good jobs as sustainable urban gardeners & farmers through our on-the-job (OJT)  training program.

With climate change threatening our food supply, many homeowners and urban farmers are looking for skilled gardeners to install year-round food-bearing gardens. GWA not only trains you for this career, but we also help you apply for good-paying jobs at nurseries, commercial businesses or starting a worker-owned urban gardener business.

If you enjoy working outdoors to turn the earth into something that is beautiful and helps heal us & our environment, Greener Way invites you to join our OJT program that will help transform food deserts into food jungles and urban oases.  You will earn $20 per hour as you learn how to install and maintain gardens in both South and West LA.

Our training program includes all you need to know for good-paying jobs: 
  • OSHA regulations, workers’ rights and employers’ expectations,
  • Basic organic, year-round food-bearing garden-care and urban farming; and
  • Creating a job portfolio that helps you market your skills and also helps build a healthy sense of self-worth, as we coach you on how to present your work in a way that earns you respect and good-paying jobs.

Our upcoming training begins on May 1st!

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