Greener Way Associates

Warren Montague


Working Together for the Greater Good

I am a man of few words and many talents acquired over 60 something years. Born in Idaho, I was raised by my grandmother in Clarkston, Washington, from grade five through high school. My upbringing, with summers working on farms, and high school wood-shop classes, taught me home economics, gardening and general handyman skills.

As a teen I worked side by side with other youth and adults to build a local church and parsonage. I often fondly reminisce about the value of youth and adults working together — and the pride and fellowship we all shared. I learned how to build a house, and to this day I continue to use many of those construction skills.

I cannot repay or thank my mentors but I can teach youth hands-on skills. I know that those skills will become invaluable in life, giving them confidence and improving the quality of their life. That is why I am committed to the founding of Green Way Associates and am supporting GWA to help students and interns to find meaning and jobs.

In addition I share a common need that many retirees experience. After a successful aerospace career of 27 years, and having too much time on my hands, I discovered that being a handman has renewed my sense of worth, improved my health, gave me great satisfaction and many new friends.

Retired Airospace Engineer at Raytheon.