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Greener Way Associates is dedicated to building climate-resilient communities through comprehensive workforce development and community education. Our focus is on transforming residential lawns, gardens, and green spaces into urban oases and food jungles, employing best practices in urban agroecology, including rainwater harvesting for reuse.
As the popularity of these food-bearing gardens grows in affluent neighborhoods, we are extending our Workforce Development program to underserved communities. Our program aligns with UNESCO’s Earth Charter ethics:
  1. Care for the Community of Life: Providing foundational knowledge about the interconnectedness of all life, emphasizing the importance of soil health, discouraging the use of toxic chemicals, adhering to OSHA standards, promoting best practices, and ensuring worker safety.
  2. Ecological Integrity: Key to our mission is the transformation of turf into urban farms and food-producing gardens using regenerative sustainability practices.
  3. Social and Economic Justice: Greener Way Associates focuses on employing, training, and placing justice-impacted, reentry, and underserved youth in well-paying blue-green jobs, matching their aspirations with the skills they acquire.
  4. Democracy, Non-violence, and Peace: We practice openness and operational transparency, treating everyone as equals with diverse gifts and abilities. Whether differently-abled or showing promise in their abilities, we train and place individuals in jobs with justice and dignity.

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