Greener Way Associates

Theresa Blackwell


Theresa Blackwell approaches life with a passion that is apparent in her dancing, art creations, interaction with people, her many interest and skills and her careers. This Gemini woman can do just about anything to which she sets her mind. A keen sense of responsibility, perseverance, informed decision-making and ethics made her a top producer in real estate.

She was featured in Baron’s Who’s Who in American Real Estate.” Her most precious awards are her two beautiful, talented daughters: Teresa and Gianna.

A student of Metaphysics, a seasoned traveler and a lover of adventure. Blackwell went on a Spiritual Quest in the Himalayas, praying and meditating with Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Lamas in their monasteries, including time with Dalai Lama.

The thrill of a conquest lured this curious woman to a new avenue: “My Life is Poetry” gently guided by Steven Reigns. A new door has opened — words, sentences have new meaning.

Theresa is on the GWA Board of Advisors.