Greener Way Associates

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023 On April 22, 2023, Greener Way Associates hosted a successful Earth Day celebration called “Committed to Creating Climate-Resilient Communities” at West Los Angeles College. The event opened with a press conference to mark the opening of the CA Center for Climate Change Education. The day was sunny and warm, making it a […]

Today Google honors Stacey Milbern (1987-2020)

Google Doodle

Today Google honors Stacey Milbern (1987-2020) Today Google honors Stacey Milbern (1987-2020), a self-identified queer, Korean-American disability justice activist, who co-founded the disability justice movement and dedicated her life to advocating for marginalized communities. At Greener Way Associates, we too are grateful for this beacon lighting the way for all that we can be as […]

Summer Happenings

Orchard 2016

GWA was very sad to see Ella pass.  She was a loved mascot and gentle dog for the past 15 years.  We have adopted Prince as the new mascot and companion to Ms Doggy.  The nine fruit trees in the front yard are flourishing with pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes to name a few.  GWA […]

Winter Happenings


Mary Sampson our newest GWA board member, is taking a 10 week course in Urban Agroecology at the Huntington Gardens’ Ranch.  GWA is working with Elektra Grant of  “Human Ecology,” Otis College of Art and Design Sustainability Assessments Manager, Arts Earth Partnership.  We will give a short presentation and invite Otis students to choose one of […]

GWA students planting herbs

Planting Herbs

GWA students planting herbs. GWA with the help of Theodore and Richard planted herbs in soil that they mixed to the right consistency and PH, so that the herbs will thrive. Herbs also have medical and health benefits which these students are interested in learning about.

Rain catchment

east site

GWA is installing rain catchment for fruit trees. GWA with the help of an intern is installing a French Drain on the east side of our Northgate demonstration site, to catch rain coming off the roof and direct it to the fruit trees in the front yard.  When this project is complete we will be making […]

Enjoy Youth! Create An Environmental Legacy!

Orchard 2015

GWA is looking for volunteers.  We have met with Debbie Cahill and Jill Thomsen and with their help have placed an ad at the Culver City Senior Center requesting volunteers.  Here is the text of the ad that appeared in their July News Letter. GREENER WAY MENTORS Enjoy Youth! Create An Environmental Legacy! Whatever your […]

Fruit Trees

freshly planted

Under the direction of Pieter Severynen and with the help of Fab and Warren; nine fruit trees are now growing in the front yard at GWA. Pieter Severynen is currently consulting with GWA and demonstrated how to plant the first three trees.  He explained soil composition, how to enrich the planting wells, how to inspect and […]

Urban residential rain water catchment installation

GWA members are working on — Urban residential rain water catchment installation — Learning Module to both educate youth and save water needed for GWA fruit trees.  We are currently offering Culver Park High School students a Learning Module on rain water catchment that will earn them 20 Service Learning hours. Pieter Severynen an arborist and fruit tree specialist with rain […]

Matthew Sloane


Matthew Sloane is a student of authenticity in the context of business. He is a Co-Founder and the Chief Content Creator at Soulful Brand.  Matthew has been working with Suzanne and Warren for several months on Branding GWA. This is primarily an in house summary of who GWA servers and why.  It helps GWA staff […]