Greener Way Associates

Mary Sampson our newest GWA board member, is taking a 10 week course in Urban Agroecology at the Huntington Gardens’ Ranch.
 GWA is working with Elektra Grant of  “Human Ecology,” Otis College of Art and Design Sustainability Assessments Manager, Arts Earth Partnership.  We will give a short presentation and invite Otis students to choose one of our projects for their Design.
 GWA is looking at venderization with the Western Regional Center.
 Sally Hampton has asked Warren Montague, a GWA board member and webmaster of this site, to create a website to help in organizing block clubs.
 Peter Severynen taught the Culver City High school garden club how to start fig cuttings growing in pots.  It included how to mix the soil and why cuttings can grow roots and new branches.  Everyone really enjoyed his understanding and explanation of tree biology, soil composition and micro organisms support needed for healthy plants.