Greener Way Associates

Warren & Linda are attending a LA Southwest College seminar series given by Dr. Alistaire Callender for the next four Saturdays.  This topic is Water Management and Sustainability.  It covers a wide range of topics including food production, water management, water treatment, top soil protection, and many other environmental concerns which must be address and modified quickly or our entire way of life may be drastically changed within the next 40 years.

Total Water Management includes conservation, proper use, and intelligent design to lesson the demand for water, increase our drought tolerance and reverse the waist and inefficiency of our current policies and everyday practices.  By educating our communities we can save money and lower the risk of out of control water prices which will occur if we do not make changes in the ways we use it.  The next big wars will be fought over water not oil because it is essential to food production which, due to population growth, is nearly tapped out.