Greener Way Associates

Bermuda grass is very difficult to get rid of and competes with garden plants for moisture and nutriments.  The front yard is covered with this grass and needs to be dug up and disposed of before a garden can be put in.  There will still be years of constant maintenance to eradicate it, but the job will be much easier once most of it is removed from the property.

Deni, a master gardener, recommends a tier approach to the sloping front yard.  Right now the grass is holding the soil from erosion.  Also, Suzanne, wishes to have a place for neighbors and visitors to sit and enjoy the garden.   There may be a way to combine raised gardening with a fence/seating/tiered wall.

Currently, I have started this web site and will document the Rock Soup Pilot project but as soon as there are youth to take over this job it will be handed to them.  My name is Warren Montague and you can read all About Us here.