Greener Way Associates

The name of the seminar was Setting the Right Course: Planning Strategies for Dynamic Times, it was held on two Tuesdays and they brought back many tools and ideas to help GWA get it’s legs.

Linda, it turned out, used to work at the Center For Non Profit Management several years ago and helped establish a rich library of books and pamphlets to help Non Profit Organizations establish a plan of operation and to find funding.  Linda knew the teacher at the seminar and was able to contribute to the class on a few occasions when she remembered a book or reference that might be helpful to some of the other non profit attendants to the seminar.

We are very grateful and luck to have her as an advisor to GWA.  Linda is helping us set up our strategic plan and will also be positioning us so that when GWA begins applying for funding it will have a solid foundation and strategy plan which funders are looking for and require before making monetary decisions.