Greener Way Associates

Well as you can see by the date it has been a while since I posted any status or progress.  It should be noted that while everything posted here reflects current ideas and potential plans, those plans are constantly maturing and sometimes rethinking organizational and preparatory plans becomes necessary.

An example of this was in the discussions about building a fence in the front yard.  There still is no decision about the final look and what materials should be used. The idea of the Rock Soup pilot program is to create a model in the neighborhood that is affordable, practical, beautiful, and something that will inspire others to want to duplicate. 

I do not mean to duplicate the non-profit, youth helping  part, but the gardening and landscaping part which the graduate of this program can help neighbors accomplish.  These are two distinct goals – to help our neighborhood, then the city, and beyond.   The first goal is to help youth find meaningful work; the second is to beautify and enrich everyone with edible landscaping while eating tastier healthy foods.

Food that costs way less than at your local organic grocery store and where most folks drive – polluting all the way.  Not to be too political, but electric cars use electricity that also pollutes the atmosphere at the generating plan.  Even windmills and solar have polluting components in their initial manufacturing and hazardous waste at the end of their useful lives.  So growing your own food naturally and organically can save a lot of energy, cash, and pollution.

Enough commentary, things are really getting exciting at the Greener Way Associates.  The incorporation plans have forced GWA to be more organized and seek out expert board members from a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge.  On the board should be a banker, lawyer, contractor, master gardener, and accountant to name a few.  Not only board members but a large advisory staff including – nutritionists, city officials and law enforcement experts, environmentalists, marketing consultants, and fund raising organizers to name a few.  It really gives meaning to the story of Stone Soup.  The skills of everyone working closely together will give guaranteed success and rocket the Rock Soup pilot program into a meaningful community improvement tool.

As soon as the officers, board of directors and advisors are known and documented in the incorporation process they will be make public along with the structure and bylaws for all to see.  If you feel you would like to be a part of this organization then please click on this link and let us know.   The Greener Way Associates is race and color blind and thinks anyone with a good heart is worthy and should be given a part.