Greener Way Associates

The name of any organization is always important for many reasons.  Even the acronyms that the name creates has an effect.  Greener Way Associates GWA is the overall name that nay work best for, obviously a name must be chosen before incorporation. will be GWA’s web presence name because it so clearly describes the inclusiveness and spirit of community that is so vitally needed in today’s uncertain times.

There may also be several other related sub groups which will all have their own names but the most important concerned right now is coming up with a name that relates to all the various programs, classes, and community outreach projects which are urgently needed by neighborhoods today. 

One hundred years ago, community and neighbors were essential to survival and all of us may soon be entering a time in US history where that sense of community and neighborliness again becomes very important.  Grocery stores must replenish everything in the store every week or the shelves will become bare.  There is no large stock piles that you can easily walk to, so if gas becomes scarce deliveries will drive food prices sky high at best, and deliveries might be impossible at worst.

But even if there is no gas shortage, individuals have become so separated from community and simple eye to eye communications, that they can no longer benefit from the true power and joy of life, and instead keep become more and more isolated, powerless, and alone. Gardening is an excellent therapeutic tool which has the added value of getting a person to eat better and become more healthy while lending itself to all sorts of community involvement, like talking to a neighbor who will more often be outside during the day instead of cooped up inside of his or her home.