Greener Way Associates

The old concrete must be cleared before the retaining wall can be built.  In keeping with environmental ideals GWA has elected to remove this old concrete the old fashion way.  Not only does this help the environment but it also builds strong muscles and aids in learning the values of hard work.  Anyone can rent some equipment or hire a clearing crew but there is a much greater sense of achievement and satisfaction in doing it yourself.

For those on a low budget or without power tools, this training teaches that nothing is impossible with the right spirit and a little sweat.  Once this old concrete is removed we will be ready to survey the foundation so that it is placed correctly according to the plans and level.   GWA will then create earth forms and use Portland cement, sand, and gravel to mix concrete at a significantly cheaper rate than buying it pre-mixed or delivered by truck.

GWA now has a donation button.   It will be placed at various places on the website for those generous readers who wish to help by making a donation.